About Us

TriMurti Plant Sciences Private Limited (TriMurti Seeds) is a crop genetics and hybrid seed company making its mark as a provider of superior quality seeds for the Indian farming community. TriMurti Seeds is promoted by professionals with a proven track record of building and nurturing enterprises in diverse fields. The company has established a nationwide presence and aspires to be renowned for it’s innovation and quality.

“Science”, not just profits, is at the foundation of TriMurti Seeds. We are focused on strategic crop improvement research. For us, science and the farmer are really two sides of the same coin. Research and empathy on one side, better yields and robust crops on the other. We believe that with this approach it is possible to develop superior quality products. Our endeavor is to supply quality products by combining conventional breeding with modern biotechnology tools. We are committed to the creation of a whole new way of introducing high yielding, robust and soil-sensitive crop varieties. The farmer and the crop are not merely simple cornerstones in our endeavor, but are continuing sources of scientific method and pride.